What are the Effects of CBD and Retinol Together?

On their own, CBD and retinol are impressive; however, together, this duo is quickly becoming the most remarkable ingredients in the skincare industry. Retinol is a favored ingredient in many skin care products, especially for sensitive skin products.

Cannabinol (CBD), can be a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can counteract the inflammatory effects of retinol. In addition to this, it is a natural analgesic, anxiolytic and neuroprotective compound. This makes it the perfect wingman for retinol.

Here’s a look at the effects this duo has on your skin.

Can Reduce Inflammation

Cannabinol may be a natural anti-inflammatory agent; as such, it is the perfect companion to retinol. This fat-soluble vitamin can cause skin irritation and inflammation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Pairing it with CBD ensures little to no inflammation occurs. The CBD also helps restore normal sebum levels on oily skin, which can ease skin irritation and inflammation.

Boosted anti-aging effects

Retinol is a great anti-aging agent. It boosts skin cell turnover and helps reduce wrinkles. When combined with CBD, these effects are enhanced, and CBD’s antioxidant properties help replenish your youthful skin. These antioxidants fight premature aging by fighting harmful free radicals.

Improves collagen production

Retinol helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by boosting collagen production. On its own, it is used to treat various skin problems, such as psoriasis. Combining CBD with retinol restores and stimulates collagen production and enhances cell regeneration which results in glowing skin

You can use higher concentrations of retinol.

Combining CBD with retinol allows you to use higher concentrations of retinol since the possible inflammatory effects are reduced. This is excellent news, as those with sensitive skin can also use retinol products without worrying about irritation, redness, or skin peeling. This mix has also been found to be dramatically effective at preventing hyperpigmentation.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant; however, unlike its more popular relative, THC, it doesn’t affect your awareness or produces mind-bending effects. Used independently, these ingredients are great; however, together, they offer a lot more for your skin, and that is without other super ingredients, such as vitamin E. You will be pushed to find a more effective duo at fighting aging, reducing acne, restoring suppleness, and maintaining that youthful glow. Start with products containing low retinol levels and increase as your tolerance grows. Here’s to your new glowing skin.