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The CANN & Co. CBD Beauty Bundling approach is straightforward. We believe that the basis of every effective skin care program is cleansing and toning. Our CANN & Co. CBD skincare products consist of our CBD Cleanser and CBD Toner, and they form our Beauty Base Bundle. Then add a moisturizer to the Base Bundle in order to obtain the results you want. Click on the product picture to browse between products and the package for specific product details.

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Bundle B1
Base Bundle
$63.50 | 57.15

CBD Face Toner
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Face Cleanser + Face Toner
The Foundation of any Skin Care Routine

Bundle B2
Eye Care
$99.00 | $89.10

CBD Eye Cream
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B1 + Eye Cream
Clean, Tone, Combat the Effects of Sagging Eyes

Bundle B3
$103.00 | $92.70

Anti Aging CBD
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B1 + Age Fighting
Combat Aging with CBD  + Apple Stem Cells

Bundle B4
Day & Night
$97.00 | $82.45

CBD Face Cleanser
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B1 + Day & Night
Daytime Glow and Nighttime Skin Repair

Bundle B5
$99.50 | $83.73

CBD with Retinol
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B1 + Radiance Cream
Collagen & Retinol to Combat Stubborn Acne

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