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The CANN & Co. CBD Beauty Bundling concept is simple. We believe cleaning and toning is the foundation of any good skin care routine. Therefore, our Beauty Base Bundle is our CANN & Co. CBD Cleanser and CBD Toner products. Then simply add a moisturizer complement to the Base Bundle to achieve your desired effects. For individual product descriptions, click on the product image where you can easily navigate between individual products and the bundle.

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Bundle B1
Beauty: Base Bundle
Save 10%

CBD Face Cleanser + CBD Face Toner
The Foundation of any
Skin Care Routine

Bundle B2
Beauty: Eye Care
Save 10%

B1 + CBD Eye Cream
To Clean, Tone and Combat the Effects of Sagging Eyes

Bundle B3
Beauty: Anti-Aging
Save 10%

B1 + CBD Anti-Aging
To Combat Aging with the Benefits of Apple Stem Cells

Bundle B4
Beauty: Day & Night
Save 15%

B1 + CBD Day & Night
Moisturizer for Daytime Glow and Nighttime Skin Repair

Bundle B5
Beauty: Radiance
Save 15%

B1 + CBD Radiance Cream
Collagen & Retinol to bring out your Natural Shine