How Can CBD Face Cleanser Help Your Skin?

One of the most common mistakes women and men make when cleansing their face is using harsh types of soap and facial cleansers. The use of these products not only creates irritation on the skin’s surface, but they can also leave the skin feeling dry and stretched.

Many of the leading facial cleansers on the market, particularly those for acne control or control of oily skin or combination skin, can make the condition much worse by stripping the oil from the surface layers of skin. Breakouts, irritated and red skin, or skin that look dull and dry are all common results.

CANN & Co. offers a very different solution to clean your skin gently but thoroughly. Our CBD Face Cleanser contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that help to soothe and heal the skin, leaving it soft and glowing without the drying effects of other soaps and facial cleansers.

CBD Face Cleanser Benefits

Our CBD facial cleanser is made from pure hemp-derived CBD. It contains all the natural phytocompounds and cannabinoids that make CBD such an effective ingredient for our complete line of beauty supplies.

Another benefit of our cleansers is the deep penetration into the skin due to the action of CBD. This not only deep cleans the surface of the skin, but it allows the nutrients and nourishing elements of the cleanser to help lock in hydration and help to fight the signs of aging.

To find out more about our CBD face cleanser benefits or for questions about adding it to a bundle of CBD beauty products, reach out to us at 760.994.3337.