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We believe the foundation of any Health & Wellness program is Relaxation and Recovery. The non-psychoactive analog of THC, cannabidiol (CBD), is an important cannabinoid found in hemp. It is thought to have significant analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant and anxiolytic properties with no psychoactive effects.  These properties in our CBD products provide deep support to any Health & Wellness regimen and a variety of aches and pains.

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Bundle W1
Relieve & Trim
$86.00 | $73.10

All-natural CBD products
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Roll on Relief Gel + Slim Down Spray
Relieve post workout aches
while trimming down

Bundle HW1
Relax & Relieve
$100.50 | $90.45

Natural CBD Products
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500mg Drops + Roll on Relief
To recover, relax and relieve nagging aches

Bundle HW2
Subtle Relief
$127.50 | $108.38

PCR Hemp Oil
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900mg Gels + Roll on Relief
To subtly take your daily dose and help relieve aches

Bundle HW3
Relief & Rest
$87.50 | $78.75

CBD Sleep Spray
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Good Sleep + Roll on Relief
To help with aches and get a good night’s rest

Bundle HW4
Rest & Trim
$56.50 | $50.85

CBD Sleep Spray
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Good Sleep + Slim Down
To improve sleep while trimming a few pounds

Bundle H1
Relax & Recover
$111.00 | $94.35

CBD Skin care
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500mg Drops + 900mg Gels
The foundation of your
Health & Wellness routine

Bundle H2
Relax & Rest
$71.00 | $63.90

CBD Skincare
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500mg Drops + Good Sleep Spray
Relax, Recover and help
get a Good Night’s Rest

Bundle H3
Subtle Relaxation
$98.00 | $83.30

CBD Skincare
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Good Sleep Spray900mg Gels
To subtly take your daily
dose and get some rest

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