Everything You Need to Know About CBD Facial Toner

One of the most common mistakes people make is to assume that facial cleansers are all that is needed to make your skin look and feel fresh. Cold weather, with its low relative humidity, can make skin dry and flaky. During winter months, indoor heating also depletes the skin of moisture, and unfortunately, regular cleansers can leave behind a residue that coats the skin, furthering your need for additional cleansing and moisturization.

That’s where CANN & Co come in with a solution to this problem in our CBD Facial Toner and our all-natural CBD Facial Cleansers. Whether you live in Nevada or anywhere in the United States, CANN & Co. offers our CBD face toner product to use after you cleanse with our CBD face cleanser and before using our CBD moisturizers.

Why Do You Need a CBD Toner?

The use of CBD facial toner is ideal for all types of skin. It is applied after washing and drying the face with a cotton ball to allow for even application and to cleanse any leftover makeup or oils. It can be applied to the skin of the face, but not on the eyes, as well as down the neck. Simply spray a pump or two on a cotton ball and gently wipe over the face and neck. Many women use toner throughout the day to freshen their skin and remove any surface dirt or oil.

Our CBD toner spray dries naturally on the skin. Toner helps to reduce pore size and provides a protective layer of hydration on the skin that soaks into the surface, drawing in the cannabinoids, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory benefits that keep your skin healthy without feeling tight or dry.

Choosing our CBD Facial Toner means quality CBD and natural ingredients in the formulation. This is the perfect addition to your daily facial care routine and can be added to your customized CBD bundle to save even more.