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Where to Buy High Quality CBD Oil

 Skin Care, Health & Wellness The media has recently given much attention to cannabidiol (CBD), and you might possibly have noticed it advertised as a supplement to add to your post-workout smoothie or morning coffee. What is CBD precisely? Why is it suddenly so popular? CBD oil is well-known for its ability [...]

Where to Buy High Quality CBD Oil2021-07-02T03:13:52-07:00

CBD’s Natural Beauty Secrets

Do you want to discover CBD's Natural Beauty Secrets? Learn how to integrate CBD products into your skincare regimen. This post will go through an example skincare regimen that includes many CBD CANN & Co. skincare products. This advice is guaranteed to be helpful whether you decide to follow this regimen yourself or [...]

CBD’s Natural Beauty Secrets2022-09-16T12:23:45-07:00

Six CBD Uses – Supported by Clinical Studies

Understanding the full benefits of CBD is a relatively new idea -- so it can be hard to Separate Fact from Fiction. The best approach to understand more about CBD's possible applications is to examine the facts! A large number of scientists and medical experts are conducting clinical studies and research using CBD. [...]

Six CBD Uses – Supported by Clinical Studies2021-07-08T00:40:09-07:00

Five Common CBD Misconceptions

CBD is a powerful, natural supplement clinically proven to have a variety of useful benefits – such as the reduction of pain and inflammation, anxiety, and more. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions floating around about CBD – partially thanks to the fact that it’s extracted from cannabis sativa, from which [...]

Five Common CBD Misconceptions2021-07-02T00:38:53-07:00

PCR Hemp Oil vs CBD Isolate

This is one of the most common questions we hear at CANN & Co. When using a PCR Hemp Oil, the full Phyto cannabinoid profile combines as an “entourage” to effectively work together and provide you with a more beneficial experience. PCR Hemp Oil is not considered an “isolate,” in comparison to [...]

PCR Hemp Oil vs CBD Isolate2022-09-16T12:27:22-07:00
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